Laser Vasectomy - The New Age Surgery

Published: 14th January 2010
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Vasectomy is the common surgical process, which helps to make a man permanently sterile. This permanent procedure of birth control is by far one of the most recommended contraceptives today. That is not surprising in the least, because it is safe, effective, and inexpensive.

There is a traditional and a more contemporary approach to this surgery. The traditional scalpel method is usually preferred by most however the contemporary laser vasectomy is quickly picking up pace. The laser technique was discovered by a series of trials and errors following the invention of the "No scalpel" surgery in China.

As the name says, Laser vasectomy relies on powerful laser beams, which replaces the need for traditional surgical paraphernalia. However, whatever be the type of vasectomy a small incision is first made on the surface with a common surgical blade. This helps to reveal the vas tube. Then a laser beam is pointed at the vas tube, which cuts it through, and then the cut ends that are tied or sealed, as the case may be.

The need for extensive snips is eliminated here and thus this is a preferred form of vasectomy amongst many.

However, there is another approach to laser vasectomy and that is less preferred than the former, however; it is cheaper and faster. Here the vas tubes are positioned below the skin in a certain way and then the laser beams are made to run through the skin finally making contact with the tube. This has a higher risk factor because while the laser beam blindly penetrates into the skin, it has the potential to damage other nerves and blood vessels around the skin. However, some doctors still practice it for people who may not be familiar with its associated disadvantages.

Laser is an acronym for "Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation," and it is popularly used in several other treatments such as appendicitis, tumors, and skin issues, amongst others. Its effectiveness in other medical areas has helped to establish its popularity and that has eventually branched out to laser vasectomy. However, one must know that the powerful laser beam can also have devastative side effects if it is not performed with precaution hence whenever one is opting for laser vasectomy, only experienced experts must be allowed to perform the surgery.

Irrespective of conventional or contemporary methods, vasectomy is a highly effective and safe surgery for men who choose to become sterile to prevent further offspring's.

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